Best Practices for Survey Participants 

Tips for using our software!

We need your help making the Registry software system happy! Making sure the system knows you’ve completed your registration can be a bit confusing so we hope the tips below will help clarify things.


Tip #1:

When you’re enrolling in the IPR, pay close attention to the page count indicators in the upper right corner of each survey topic button.

Red indicates that the system thinks you are not yet done.

Green indicates the system knows your responses are complete! The count tells you how many pages you have started out of the total number for that survey topic.  

Please see the image in the boxes below.


RED (0/1) indicates you have not yet started the Demographics survey. It is INCOMPLETE.


Green (1/1) indicates you have completed the survey topic.  It is COMPLETE.


Red (7/7) indicates you have left some questions unanswered and/or have not pressed NEXT to complete the survey.  It is INCOMPLETE.

Another example:


TIP #2:

Your goal is to have all count indicators turn green. Be sure to check the main Dashboard (Family Info, list of Child survey topics) and within each Child topic if you think you’re 100% done with registering and haven’t received a completion notice or email. 

TIP #3:

To complete a survey, be sure to click “Next” at the bottom of the screen!!

“Save and Return to menu” will not complete the form; it will only save it for you to return at another time to complete it. 

TIP #4:

Please be sure that when adding treatments that you click “ADD A RECORD” to add each treatment trialed.  And click “DELETE A RECORD” if the treatment was entered on accident. 

TIP #5:

Please be sure to press SAVE AND RETURN TO MENU often so that you don’t lose important data.  Due to confidentiality reasons, there is a timer on the software when the page stays idle too long.  If you want to ensure that your data is saved, save as often as possible.

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